Alexander  Rich

  • Title / Position: Student
  • Organization: University of Waterloo

I am a second year Recreation and Leisure student. I have had a keen interest in video gaming and technology ever since I was a child. I have experience that spans across a huge variety of gaming mediums and genres from the 1990's on. I started with the original NES playing, not very interestingly, Super Mario Bros. 3 with my brother.

Then when the SNES and Sega Genesis came out, I was old enough to understand and beat popular Beat-'Em-Ups of the time such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, Battletoads: Double Dragon, Sunset Riders, Streets of Rage, and Final Fight to name a few. Alas, adventure games and RPGs were still much too hard for my young, stupid brain to handle so that had to wait until the next generation.

I will list notable games from each console that I loved as I grew up, and a couple of reasons of why they are special to me.

N64: All Mario related multiplayer games, (Kart, Tennis, Party, Golf, Smash. Bros) N64 ignited my competitive nature and made me realize that I loved gaming the most when it is competitive and multiplayer.

PSX: Final Fantasy VII, the first RPG/Adventure game I fully completed, Musashi and Crash Bandicoot were other favorites of mine.

Dreamcast: Shenmue, as the graphics blew me away. Sonic Adventure, Power Stone and Jet Grind Radio were all great and I have fond memories of playing them.

Gamecube: Smash Bros. Melee, I was fortunate enough to be able to play at a semi-professional level which gave me my first taste of hardcore gaming. To add some rarer games to the list, I loved Gotcha Force and Custom Robo, both similar games mechanically but very unique in their own rights.

Xbox: Halo Series, competed in amateur Halo 3 tournaments with my close friends

PS2: Too many to list, PS2 was the definitive console for me as I was growing up. I have favorites from every genre and it would get a little ridiculous to list all of them.

Current Gen: I have completed most blockbuster titles ie. Bioshock Infinite, Arkham City, Dishonored, Assassin's Creed 3 etc. But for something different, I became hooked onto Rock Band after I played a similar japanese drum arcade game. I actually became so hooked on Rock Band 2 I purchased over 200 additional DLC songs and held the top score on the online leaderboards in 3 songs: Flirtin' With Disaster by Molly Hatchet, The Trees by Rush and Limelight by Rush. I play all instruments on expert and can at least complete every song on every instrument.

PC: PC gaming has probably been the most important to me growing up, I played games on the computer since I was 3 years old and I am still doing so. I was introduced into competitive PC gaming through Counter-Strike 1.6, where two friends and I managed to make it to, and compete in Cal-M. After Counter-Strike, I played my first MMORPG; City of Heroes, after this I was hooked on MMO's. Once World of Warcraft came out, I made the switch and made my way into the 3rd ranked raiding guild on my server during Burning Crusade and Lich King. We full cleared Sunwell and ICC during their respective times and once I finished raiding, I became an accomplished Arena competitor achieving a rank of 2100 in one of the top battlegroups in WoW.

I began beta testing as a hobby while I played WoW. The first game I tested was Warhammer Online, the PvP intrigued me and I became and active and well-known Archmage within the beta community, but after a year or so of testing, I was burnt out when the game was released. From there I began testing many games such as: Champions Online, DC Universe Online, Neverwinter Online, and Star Wars The Old Republic, to name a few.

I currently play League of Legends at a Platinum level, I consider myself to be extremely knowledgeable about the mechanics of the game and enjoy talking about it in depth.

My latest endeavor has been fighting games. I have begun to play Super Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Injustice: Gods Among Us

This has already been quite long, but I really enjoy gaming and could write about it for days. Hope to see you all there!

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