Josh  Garofalo

  • Title / Position: Graduate Researcher, IMMERSe
  • Organization: University of Waterloo

Josh Garofalo is a Master of Digital Experience Innovation student set to graduate August 2013. Currently, he is a Graduate Researcher at IMMERSe under Dr. Kevin Harrigan, where he is investigating the use of Brain-Computer Interfaces and hybrid Brain-Computer Interfaces to help those that are limited physically to carry out activities of daily living, communication, entertainment, and self-expression. Previous research experience includes working as a Research Assistant in the Gambling Research Lab under Dr. Michael Dixon and Dr. Kevin Harrigan, Synaesthesia Lab under Dr. Michael Dixon, and the Vascular Aging and Space Research Lab under Dr. Rich Hughson. Outside of his research activity, he is completing his summer mentorship at Marmot Labs, a tech start-up working out of the Communitech Hub.

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