Art  Blake

  • Title / Position: Associate Professor
  • Organization: Ryerson University
  • Twitter: @RUAudible

I am an interdisciplinary historian, and my research is focused on post-1945 US culture as well as sound studies. I have published articles most recently on the history and politics of CB (citizens band) radio in the 1970s US. I am an urban historian who writes and teaches about New York and Los Angeles. I have used digital (and other) technologies in my teaching and research since 2000--e.g. student group website projects back in 2000-2003; I have taught audio documentary and sound studies to undergrads and grads at U of T, Ryerson, and also in the USA; I was a mentor for National Public Radio's "Next Generation" radio training project from 2001-2005. I am ready to think about and engage with current new media in my teaching and would like to be in the intensive learning environment offered by THATCamp.

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