Jeremy  Hunsinger


Well.... In terms of digital humanities... I've been affiliated with the Center for Applied Technologies in the Humanities at Virginia Tech, I founded the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture at Virginia Tech. Umm... I am in the process of founding a new center on related topics at Laurier. I'm working on several major projects on related topics. Today though, i am avoiding reviewing student notes by filling out this form. In terms of computer games, i play kingdom of loathing and dwarf fortress.... I refuse to read Žižek unless he is talking about Baudrillard, because even then he is wrong, but at least i know what he is completely wrong about. I always meant to go to a THATcamp at GMU, but i was on 12 month contracts then and never had time and this Immersive orientation is far closer to some of my work than some of the others.

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