• Session Proposal: Women in Games communities

    A few of us at Waterloo are starting our own Women/gamers group, where we want to foster a community of women who play games throughout the university, and eventually the city (and eventually the GTA, and then all of Canada, and so on, until we rule the world, of course). We know what we want out of a community like this, but we would like some feedback and input from other people.

    What kinds of events do you wish were held? What kind of atmosphere would make you want to come, or would make you avoid the group? Have you seen something like this fail dramatically/succeed beyond anyone’s wildest expectations? What have you seen work in the past? What kinds of awesome things could we set up? ¬†What would you look for in an online community associated with something like this?

    Essentially, we’re looking to steal your brain power so that we can make our community as awesome as possible!

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